Lidio Carraro

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In 1875 the first Italian immigrants arrived in Brazil from the region of Veneto and amongst them was the Carraro family, whom settled in Bento Gonçalves in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The main family business has always been grape growing and they traditionally made a small amount of wine for their own consumption.

In the 70s, Lidio Carraro became known as one of the leaders in the planting of vitis viniferas in the Serra Gaucha, being one of the pioneers in growing the variety Merlot. From the 90s, he obsessively began to search for and develop better vineyards motivated by the love and desire of one day seeing in his wines all of the his work and dedication.

Still in the 90s, Juliano Carraro, after his internship in a winery whilst taking a course in Food Engineering, commences his Oenology Graduation and his desire to make wines spread to the whole family – including his younger brother, Giovanni Carraro, whom years later also graduated and became an oenologist. He is currently in charge of the Winery Purist wines.

In 1998, after thorough researches, Lidio converted seven hectares in the Vale dos Vinhedos to better quality grapes and began his own cellar.

In 2001, the Lidio Carraro Winery was founded and the family acquired 200 hectares in Encruzilhada do Sul, in Serra do Sudeste in Rio Grande do Sul. The region later became a Brazilian vine growing site. Vineyards in the Vale dos Vinhedos produced their first yields in 2002 and this harvest gave birth to the first wines with the Lidio Carraro brand, which came to market in 2004. Soon after, the winery was selected to represent the Brazilian wine in the Duty Free shelves at international airports, becoming the first Brazilian producer to do so. With this open door to the world, Lidio Carraro began to receive international orders and began to export in 2005. Since then, recognition has been obtained from all parts of the world and the winery has become a reference in Brazilian wines of the highest quality and with its own identity, even representing the country in some of the most important events over the last two decades.

Family Carraro.

Patricia Carraro.

Juliano Carraro.

Giovanni Carraro.

Estrada do Vinho, RS 444, Km 21,
Linha 40 da Leopoldina, Vale dos Vinhedos,
Bento Gonçalves, Serra Gaúcha, Brasil

+55 54 2105 2555 

Lidio Carraro
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