Lidio Carraro

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Following an unique philosophy, from grapes to wine, Lidio Carraro is focused to express the essence and integrity of the wine, committed to develop world-class wines, international in quality with a voluptuous Brazilian appeal. Attention to every detail makes an enormous difference in the results and allow the winery to create wines with strong personality, rich complexity, structure and balance. From this concept is born a proper method of wine technical management, denominated Purist Wines: the true expression and essence of the wine’s terroir.

  • Family-Owned Vineyards
  • Hand Harvest
  • Low-Yield
  • Vinification by Parcels
  • Unoaked
  • Unfiltered*
  • No Sugar Added
  • Gravity Flow Winemaking
  • No Finings**
  • No Corrections *Except the ones with no malolatic fermentation. **Only use cold technology.

The art of the best wines

A brand. A history. A concept... a lifestyle

Lidio Carraro purist concept transcends the wine itself and reflects the trichotomy and integrality of the human condition with the aim of capturing the true essence. And as the “new wine” is made, to awaken the real meaning of identity and purpose in the extraordinary journey of life.

Estrada do Vinho, RS 444, Km 21,
Linha 40 da Leopoldina, Vale dos Vinhedos,
Bento Gonçalves, Serra Gaúcha, Brasil

+55 54 2105 2555 

Lidio Carraro
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