Lidio Carraro

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  • Grande Vindima

    The Grande Vindima range brings with it the history of Lidio Carraro. Creations inspired by the passion for wine and the family trajectory as grape growers. Only produced in the outstanding vintages, they born from a larger context and transcend the ideal of the brand’s excellence.

    Grande Vindima
  • Singular

    Essential and original as each element of creation. The discovery of the vocation for new grapes at Brazilian terroir in a pure and incomparable expression.

  • Elos

    “Elos” means “Links” in Portuguese and these wines were inspired by the enchanting synergy of two grapes that perfect complement each other and in the relationships which move life and the universe.

  • Dádivas

    An outstanding personality wine to celebrate the life’s Gifts! The Dádivas range has internationally consolidated grapes with an excellent response on Brazilian soil. World-Class-Wines with the Lidio Carraro expression.

  • Agnus

    The lamb symbol represents purity and honours the origin of this wine’s terroir. The potentiality of grapes from different sources has been analyzed since 2002 in the vineyards of Lidio Carraro in Encruzilhada do Sul, a city remembered as the land of the lamb.

  • Faces de Chile

    FACES de Chile launches the winemaking project of higher quality under the Purist Philosophy of Lidio Carraro in different terroirs around the world.

    Faces de Chile
  • Faces do Brasil

    Inspired by the concept “the best expression is being you”, Faces do Brasil range communicates dreams, feelings, ideals and the pleasure of living good things in life.

    Faces do Brasil
  • Selo

    The Selo project is born from the concern to show something new, special and unique to a latent demand with the quality seal and values of the winery.

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